Platinum Voucher

This Voucher is based on sessions of 60 minutes each including all the types of massages you can choose from the Aruksa Thai Massage treatments (included with oil).

You have several modalities to choose between 5, 7 and 10 sessions. The more sessions you have, your body will appreciate it.

The form of purchase can be direct at the Aruksa Thai massage center and available for you to give a gift cards to someone. For online purchase, you simply have to click on the “Book now” button and select a date and time that you prefer to use it for the first time, We´ll discount of the hours you use on the first day and at the end of it you will receive the vouchers with the hours left. Regarding the gift cards option, all you have to do is give the option “Gift Card”, follow the instructions, and fulfil the form.


5 sessions- 260€

7 sessions- 340€

10 sessions- 480€