Aruksa Voucher

The Aruksa voucher is created specially to those people who want to take plenty of sessions of decontracting massage at adjusted prices.

This voucher only has one modality of 10 sessions where you can chose between decontracting Aruksa 45 minutes or decontracting back Aruksa 35 minutes.

The form of purchase can be direct at the Aruksa Thai massage center and available for you to give a gift cards to someone. For online purchase, you simply have to click on the “Book now” button and select a date and time that you prefer to use it for the first time, We´ll discount of the hours you use on the first day and at the end of it you will receive the vouchers with the hours left. Regarding the gift cards option, all you have to do is give the option “Gift Card”, follow the instructions, and fulfil the form.


Head & Back Deep Tissue Massage – 440€

Back Deep Tissue Massage – 360€