All our therapists have the certificate of:

Thai society of traditional medical services.

Traditional Thai medical advice.

Traditional Thai doctor’s license.


Aromatherapy Massage

The traditional Thai aromatherapy massage is performed with warm oil infused to be chosen by the client with the essence of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon or Lavender. It works with gentle, relaxing, therapeutic movements. Its positive effects in the treatment of migraines, sleep disorders, stress, states of anxiety and depression and breathing difficulties such as asthma.


Thai Oil Massage

Traditional Thai oil massage based on traditional Thai massage works, opens and stimulates the energy lines with warm oil, exerting a medium-strong pressure to strong pressure, its positive effects in the treatment of migraines, muscle and joint pain, disorders sleep, stress, anxiety and depression, helps breathing difficulties such as asthma and allergies to breathe better.


Thai Traditional massage

The traditional Thai massage is a fairly complete treatment, it recovers energizing and balancing, it is performed with medium-strong pressure to strong pressure. Its positive effects in the treatment of migraines, muscle and joint pain, stress, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, helps respiratory difficulties such as asthma and allergies to breathe better.


Aruksa Relaxing Massage

Aruksa Relaxing massage with a high Thai therapeutic combinated with the Balinese technic style healing component, its positive effects being especially outstanding in the treatment of sleep disorders, stress, states of anxiety and depression, allergies and respiratory difficulties such as asthma.


Sport Massage

The general objectives of Sports Massage are, Favors stretching and relaxation of the muscles. The muscle recovers its original shape and elasticity, thus promoting better athletic performance and rapid recovery. Helps prevent muscle injury during physical activity.


Decontracting Aruksa

The Aruksa massage focuses on the contracted muscles in the Back, Neck and Head areas for 45 minutes to treat migraine headaches, sleep disorders, relieve jaw area, pain and eliminate stress caused by bad posture and daily habits.


Leg massage

If you suffer from tired legs. Feeling heavy legs, with a certain tingling or swelling, are some of the symptoms that sound the alarm so this can be one of the best option and thus regain circulation of the legs for avoid the cause of swelling, knee pain, varicose veins , etc.


Post confinement Massage

Those obtained as a result of combining Thai massage with the studies carried out is a massage that concentrates more on the cervical areas, the shoulder blades and the back. In addition to arms, forearms, wrists and hands all located in the upper trunk. On the lower trunk, lumbar and buttocks are worked down to the legs until ankles.


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