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Foot reflexology 50 minutes


Foot reflexology 50 minutes 


Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a therapy that involves applying pressure on certain points of the feet to obtain a result in a different area of the organism with which it is connected at each point. Reflexology is a complete massage that is performed on the entire feet. Work the plant, upper part, fingers and climb up the leg to the knee in some relaxing passes. When the Reflexology Foot Massage is received regularly, there is a general improvement of the nervous system, for example in cases of headaches, migraines or insomnia.

  • General improvement of the nervous system

  • Pressure therapy

Reflexology also helps, sometimes spectacularly, in problems of constipation, lack of appetite, allergies, dizziness, eye problems and pain (rheumatism, lumbago, contractures…).

It is also quickly noticed in cases of stress, anxiety or depression.

Price: 50€ (50 minutes)

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