Project Description

Post confinement Massage 60 and 90 minutes


Post confinement Massage 60 and 90 minutes


Post confinement Massage

Those obtained as a result of combining Thai massage with the studies carried out is a massage that concentrates more on the cervical areas, the shoulder blades and the back. In addition to arms, forearms, wrists and hands all located in the upper trunk. On the lower trunk, lumbar and buttocks are worked down to the legs until ankles. Additionally, we work with the lymphatic points to better stimulate your blood circulation which helps make each session feel better.

  • Recovery

  • Cervical areas, the shoulder blades and the back

  • Stimulating

This treatment has been created especially for the post-confinement period due to the long period that we are staying at home as a consequence of covid-19. This situation of uncertainty of not knowing very well when we are going to return to normality creates an emotional stress that together with the imposition of having to stay at home most of the time either working or resting creates a habit of bad postures giving as pains that we did not have before.

This treatment is based on the principles of healing and well-being of Thai massage combined with the detailed studies that we have carried out on our clients since the beginning of phase 0 that began on May 4, 2020.

We guarantee that you will feel better from the first session.

Precio: 60€ 50€ (60 minutos) – 85€ 75€ (90 minutos)


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